What is Chinese Wedding tea ceremony?

In a wedding, tea ceremony is one of the most significant events. It is where the married couple serve tea to show respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care. This Jing Cha(敬茶) tea ceremony also symbolises the union of two families as well as the start of a new family between the bride and the groom.


Held on actual wedding day. 

WHERE to host?

Traditionally, the tea ceremony is held at the family home of the bride and groom, Nowadays, it is very common to host it at a restaurant or hotel.

WHAT you need?

Wedding tea pot with at least 4 cups.

WHAT type of tea?

Using red dates, lily buds, dried longans, lotus seeds, rock sugar and  candied winter-melon strips.

WHAT to wear?

The bride typically wears a floor or ankle-length red cheongsam  or qun kwa.

The groom typically wears a tuxedo or suit to match or changshan.

WHAT is order of serving?

Parents are served tea first, followed by your grandparents and then the rest of the extended family in order of seniority. If it is joint tea ceremony held in hotel, typically the groom’s family goes first followed by the bride’s.

WHAT to say?

You refer to the relative by their relationship to you. For example if is your third uncle you can say, “三叔 , please drink the tea.”

HOW to do t?

First you will need a helper known as “Maid of Honor”.  Her role is to stand next to the bride and groom and hold the tea cups filled with tea on a serving tray. After each round, she will bring over a new set of tea cups filled with tea. 

The groom kneels on the right and serves the tea first while the bride kneels on the left and goes after. Both the bride and groom serve tea to the same person before serving the second person.

HOW about younger siblings or cousins?

The couples will receive tea from their younger siblings or cousins and in return will give them red packets.

Hope this is helpful. 🙂