Wedding Date Selection- Don’t Play Play

Congratulations on your engagement, what’s next?

There are so many wedding customary traditions and this article will guide you on one of the most revered practices in Chinese culture for weddings – Date Selection. 

It is a traditional belief that selecting the right wedding date, your married life with your spouse will be smooth and goals will be achieved. 

Auspicious wedding dates refers to selecting the auspicious, or “lucky”time to get married. There are differing views to whether you should consider Auspicious Wedding Dates between people who believe in its effectiveness and those who believe this is a superstition. If however, you’re an “in-between”, there’s no harm in seeking for an auspicious date. 

In the recent survey conducted by SingaporeBrides, 63% of the couples who have responded to the survey, will choose an auspicious date for their wedding. Ready to learn more? Here are two key points you should know about Auspicious Date Selection. 

How to calculate Auspicious Date?

Some couples use the Chinese Almanac (Tong Shu) to select an auspicious date. While the almanac can generally identify auspicious and inauspicious dates for certain events to occur, it lacks personalisation. Do note that Tong Shu is published on a yearly basis around August. This has implications, as couples are not able to plan in advance their wedding dates and thus losing their wedding venue booking to other couples. 

The other method, which is more personalised, is defined based on the couple’s birth information. This method also takes into account the couple’s parents’ zodiac signs during the calculation. This will ensure that there are no clashes with the couple’s immediate family members and increase the blessings bestowed upon the couple. Usually couples will engage the help of Feng Shui master to calculate for them using this method.

Did you know besides the actual wedding date, the following are some of the key events relating to wedding preparation that one should consider selecting the best timing to carry out.

  •  Registry of Marriage (ROM)
  •  Exchange Wedding Gifts/Betrothal Ceremony (过大礼)
  •  Setting of Bed Ceremony (安床)
  •  Customary Wedding Day

How should I go about doing it?

Great Question!  Between deciding the date first or selecting the wedding venue, we suggest for to-be-wed  couples to decide their dream-wedding venue and check the availability of their preferred dates with the hotel first. If the preferred dates are available, they will tentatively secure the dates with the hotel before  approaching the Feng Shui master to confirm if these dates are auspicious or suitable for the couple. In this case, the couple will save the extra cost of having to pay for another set of dates should the given date be not available. 

If you’d like to take a step further and get an in-depth analysis of your special day’s date, check out the package that is offered by Master Lo from Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy. http://www.juxuanfengshui.com/wedding-date-selection/