Betrothal (Guo Da Li) Canto / Hakka– PGDL-CNT/HKA


1) 2 boxes of Auspicious Six Wedding Grains (六京果)
2) 1 pair of Dragon & Phoenix Candles for Groom 龙凤蜡
3) 1 pair of Dragon & Phoenix Candles for Bride 龙凤蜡
4) 2 set of 9.9ft Red Cloth
5) 2 boxes of Si Se Bing 四色饼
6) 2 Organza bags for alcohol
7) Pin Jin(聘金)red packet
8) Li Ru(离乳) red packet
9) Open Car(开车门) door red packet
10) 2 sheets of Double Happiness Stickers
11) 1 Double Happiness bag
12) 2 packets of Auspicious 5 colour seeds
13) 1 Traditional Wedding Basket (3 days loan)*
14) Delivery & onsite Consultation
15) Wall Decal x1
16) 1 Double Happiness tray
17) 2 packets of Destiny Discs
18) Instruction guide

* A hamper basket will be provided (no need to return) when the traditional wedding basket is not available.

(Actual product may vary from photo shown)

Pre-order (1 week), we will contact you to confirm the delivery date once we have received your order.

We will deliver the items at least one day before Guo Da Li day. When we deliver to you, our consultant will brief you on the Guo Da Li procedure.

wef 18 Jun 2023

Optional Items:

-2 sets of candle holders

You can add on the above items by selecting the dropdown list below:

Candle set
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