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All that you need for your Chinese Customary Marriage can be found here. We provide an extensive collection of Modern and Traditional Products just for you. Simply let us know if you’re the bride, or the groom and a few clicks will solve Chinese dialect customary needs. We deliver tradition without needing you to Google for the answers! (You’re welcome!)

Auspicious Dates Selection  

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but what is the perfect date for your big day? How about your Betrothal Date and your Bed Setting Date? Here’s a sweet deal for you, we have an exclusive collaboration with Feng Shui Master from Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy to further ease your process of the wedding preparation!

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  • Proposal Date (送日提亲吉时)
  • Guo Da Li Date (过大礼吉时)
  • Bed Setting Date(安床扫舍吉时)
  • Actual Day Timing(迎亲过门吉时)
  • Conflict of zodiac for each dates (冲忌生肖)

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Further ease your planning with our pre-wedding photography package with our exclusive collaboration with iClick Photography studios. Capture those moments that matter to you to be remembered in years to come. Or if you’re keen on an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot, we also offer a package for you too!

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Matchmaker Service

If you are looking for a matchmaker in your wedding planning and negotiation, look no further. We have experienced matchmaker to guide you.

Wedding Bouquet

What’s a wedding without gorgeous and romantic flowers? With our special collaboration with Sywell Floristry, you get your bespoke bouquet by sharing your ideal mood board or colour scheme with us!

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