How to Ace in Chinese Wedding Customs

What to say?

Not sure what to say during the joyous occasions such as Guo Da Li, An Chuang and Shang Tou? Fret not, below is a simple guide for you to refer: 

*WHAT TO SAY during Guo Da Li

Guo Da Li is a joyous occasion and is usually peppered with auspicious sayings. The groom’s elderly female relative would:

1. Upon arriving at the bride’s door step, congratulate the bride’s parents on this joyous matrimonial match and occasion.

2.Bestow the couple with well wishes for their marriage and bless them with many off-springs.
(祝福 <情侣名字> 永结同心、恩爱到白头、连生贵子)


*WHAT TO SAY during An Chuang

On the auspicious date and time, the Groom’s parents or “good fortune” lady will help to make the bed. She will recite the following phrases:

百年好合 (Forever a Blissful Marriage)

早生贵子 (Bless with many offspring early)

白头偕老 (Growing old together)

永浴爱河 (Eternal Love)


*WHAT TO SAY during Shang Tou

The parents would comb the hair of the groom and bride four times as these lines are stated with each stroke of the comb:

一梳梳到尾,      – “May your marriage last a lifetime”
二梳百年好合,  – “May you be blessed with a happy and harmonious marriage until old age”
三梳子孙满堂,  – “May you be blessed with an abundance of children and grandchildren”
四梳白发齐眉.  – “May you be blessed with longevity”