Planning for Wedding in 2021 during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The general rule of the thumb is one year for wedding planning before your actual day. If we’re looking at a 2021 wedding, you’ll be tentatively scrolling through pinterest for inspiration and Instagram for trend-worthy ideas from influencers right now. However, the biggest elephant in the room is, how will Pandemic/Covid-19 affect my wedding planning?

Here’s where this article will guide you through 5 key points to consider first to your wedding planning.

Venue for Wedding Banquet

The biggest bulk of the stress is usually securing your dream wedding location, maybe a year or more than a year in advance. And with Covid-19 postponing the 2020 weddings, your queue to your wedding venues will definitely be even longer.

Yes, and so your best move now is to drop your phone (after reading this article), decide on the date and grab the venue together with your significant other. However, be mentally prepared that you may not get what you want.

Tip: Have flexible options will be beneficial for you and be ready to settle for your second or even fourth choice.

 PRO TIP: If you’re lucky and have managed to secure the venue. Insurance-proof your venue by getting a Wedding Insurance policy that can protect you against:

  • Damage to Wedding Attire, Rings and documents
  • Damage and Loss of Wedding gifts and cash
  • Damage and Loss to Photographs and Video
  • Damage and Loss to Equipment and Decorations
  • Cancellation, abandonment, postponement of the event
  • Non-appearance due to accident and illness
  • Public Liability

Destination for your honeymoon trip

We know you look forward to that dreamy, sweet honeymoon trip after a year of stressful wedding planning. The ideal timeframe to plan for your dream trip is six to eight months prior to your travel dates. However, given the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19, the country you planned to visit may still be subjected to travel restriction.

Tip: Always buy insurance if you have fixed the travel details but if you have yet to purchase anything the best way is to not to commit so early.

After all, you don’t have to leave for your honeymoon straight away after getting married. You can make use of the time to research more on the country you plan to visit.

Bridal gown

We know your perfect luxurious white gown is equally competitive to seek for and it is highly recommended to decide on your boutique at least 6 to 8 months in advance (for gown rental). Just like wedding venue-booking, do note that you would be competing with those couples who have postponed their wedding this year. If you do not wish to compete with others in renting the popular gown, you can opt for a bespoke wedding dress. This option will be on the pricier end and it’s advisable to start sourcing even earlier.


If you wish for your best wedding moments to be captured by a popular wedding photographer/videographer, and you’ve chosen a popular wedding date, we recommend to start securing your spots at least 6-8 months in advance.  Bearing in mind you will also be competing with those batch of couples who have postponed the wedding this year. Slide into the DMs of your choice of wedding photographers now.

Guo Da Li Package

In terms of Chinese customary traditions, the Guo Da Li is important and usually couples will confirm these package two to three months before the actual Guo Da Li date. Just to pandemic-proof your wedding planning, 2021 will be experiencing a spillover effect from the 2020 to-be-wed couples. Hence, secure your packages by sourcing reliable from traditional wedding experts.

Tip: Kekhoon allows couples to pre-book the package one year in advance. You can learn more by checking with our friendly consultant for advice.

In summary, these are the 5 different key factors you should start planning now that will be highly impacted by the Pandemic due to foreseeable competing demand. Wedding planning will be much more stress-free with early foresight.