Betrothal (Guo Da Li) Hakka – PGDL-HKA


2 pairs of Dragon and Phoenix Candles 龙凤蜡
聘金Red cloth
1 Dragon and Phoenix tray
2 packets of Destiny Discs
1 Double Happiness bag
2 sheets of Double Happiness Stickers
2 Organza bags for alcohol
Traditional Wedding Basket (3 days loan)
Groom family red packet set
– Pin Jin red packet
– Li Ru red packet
– Open Car door red packet
2 boxes of auspicious wedding grains
2 boxes of Si Se Bing


( * Actual product may vary from photo shown )


Box of Six Wedding Pastries consist of:
Lotus Dragon Phoenix Wedding Pastry
Wife Wedding Pastry
Walnut Wedding Cookie
Lotus Wedding Pastry
Red Bean Wedding Pastry
Green Bean Wedding Pastry

** Pre-order (1 week), we will contact you to confirm a date.

We will deliver the items at least one day before Guo Da Li day and collect back the Wedding basket after 3 days.

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