Bride’s Dowry Package – PDW001


Dowry 嫁妆 is considered as assets given by the bride’s parent to the wedding couple.
Essential Dowry Items Listing as below:
Charcoal 旺炭
5 colour auspicious seeds
Bride’s Family Red Packet Set 结婚必备利市封 (Son-In-Law Red Packet, Sugarcane Red Packet, Happiness Chicken Red Packet) 女婿礼金, 甘蔗礼金, 带路鸡礼金
Fate coins – Da Yuan Xiao Yuan 大缘小缘
Red bedroom slippers 夫妻同鞋
2 Organza bag for orange juices
Needle Box Set

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Tea Set


Mug Set


Dining Set


Prosperity Lamp


Descendant Pail

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