Hair Combing Preparation

Hair Combing represents the transition of the groom and bride from childhood to adulthood. It takes place at the house of the bride and groom during the night before their wedding. The set typically consists of the following items:

镜代表光明继后剪刀代表有利These 3 items for hair dressing signifying bright future and produce very well next generation
Red Thread Traditionally it was used to tie to the hair after hair combing.

For Modern day couple will leave it on the table together with the rest of stuffs for symbolic purposes.

Step by Step


  1. Prior to combing the hair, the couple should bathe in water with pomelo leaves.
  2. Change to a new set of sleepwear and bedroom slippers and sit on a chair facing a lighted phoenix and dragon pair of candles.
  3. During hair combing, both the groom and the bride must hold on to an auspicious ruler (symbolizing handling matters in life with prudence) and a round mirror.
  4. The parents would then comb the hair of the groom and bride four times as these lines are stated with each stroke of the comb:

一梳梳到尾, – “May your marriage last a lifetime”
二梳百年好合, – “May you be blessed with a happy and harmonious marriage until old age”
三梳子孙满堂, – “May you be blessed with an abundance of children and grandchildren”
四梳白发齐眉. – “May you be blessed with longevity”


  1. At the end of the ritual, the couple to be married will eat glutinous rice balls 汤圆, as this symbolizes a lasting marriage in good times and in bad.
  2. At the end of this ceremony, the bride’s mum will give her a token red packet and needle box filled threads, scissors, needle, measuring tapes, etc. This is a farewell gift to a daughter who is leaving her childhood home