Dowry Preparation



Returns Gifts (回礼)

After the groom has presented his gifts to his in-laws, the bride’s family reciprocates the generous gesture by returning a portion of the gifts and dowry money. It signifies a gesture of goodwill and to share the good fortune between the two families.  Usually, the bride’s family will also return 2 bottles of orange syrup in exchange for the 2 bottles of Brandy/Liquor.


On top of returning half of the gifts sent by bridegroom’s family, bride’s family will prepare a special gift (见面礼) for the bridegroom’s parent to show their respect and sincerity.  This shows they look forward for a good relationship between the two families.


  • Face Towel Set (家翁家婆面巾)
  • Dining Set (家翁家婆对碗)
  • Mug Set (家翁家婆对杯)
  • 5 colour beans
  • Charcoal (旺炭)

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Bride’s Dowry (嫁妆)

The dowry is usually bestowed by the bride’s family to bless the couple. It represents the best blessings and love that the parents have for their daughter.

The bride’s parents may include the bride’s dowry with the return gifts on the day of betrothal or deliver the dowry a few days before the wedding.

Chinese dowries typically include:

Items Remarks
Tea set (孝心茶具) used for (敬茶) tea ceremony at groom’s house during Actual Day
Mug Set (夫妻对杯)


The parent hopes to see the daughter married with no worry for basic needs.


Dining Set (丰衣足食碗) In Chinese believes, it is considered as the lucky item to have which symbolise for their life of plenty and have no worry for basic living.

The bowls will be used on the actual wedding day to serve the sweet soup for the newly wed couple.

2 pairs of Chopstick (龙凤喜) Chopsticks also represents a union of two persons (成雙成對)
Descendant Pail Set (子孙桶)- which may include a baby bathtub, baby potty, washbasin, tray, mug) Bless the couple with children and grandchildren
2 pairs of red wooden clogs, wedding slippers or bedroom slippers (夫妻同鞋) worn by the couple on the night before the wedding to represent progress in life
Sewing set (with even numbered rolls of colourful thread, needles, pincushion, scissors, and sewing wax with auspicious words on it) Represents virtuous wife.
Prosperity Lamp for continuing the line of descendants (延续香火)
Towels representing growing old together (白头到老)
Gold jewellery given by bride’s parents
Lady Fan (玉女扇)


Foldable fan use while driving off with groom during 出阁 (Leaving bride’s house).
Umbrella Used to shield bride during (出阁) Chu Ge to ward off any negative elements.
5 colour beans Symbolise abundance and prosperity
Charcoal (旺炭) Symbolise a good life after marriage for the bride.
Bride’s Family Red Packet Set (结婚必备利市封)
Son-In-Law Red Packet(女婿礼金), Sugarcane Red Packet(甘蔗礼金), Happiness Chicken Red Packet(带路鸡礼金)
Son-In-Law Red Packet: represent the gifts for new pair of pants, belt and wallet for son-in-law

Sugarcane Red Packet: given to the new couple on wedding day before going to Groom’s house. For good luck and safety.

Happiness Chicken Red Packet: given to the new couple on wedding day before going to Groom’s house. Signifies happiness.

Ruler Symbolise “fertility” in terms of wealth and fertility
Fate coins – Da Yuan Xiao Yuan (大缘小缘) For good luck and happiness
2 bottles of orange juice In exchange of liquor

Available Packages

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