Bed-Setting Preparation

It represents a blessing to have a complete family in harmony (圆满与和睦). For some people, it is also a blessing to have many offspring.  In general, it should be an auspicious date close to your wedding day like 3 days to 1 week before the wedding.



1.       2 Mandarin Oranges Or Oranges (橘子/橙一对) For good fortune.
2.      A Pair of Prosperity Lamp (子孙灯) (from Dowry set) To symbolise fertility and wealth. To turn on the day before actual wedding.
3.      New Wedding Bedsheets (新床单)
4.     Bed Setting Coins (安床铜钱) (夫妻同心,大富大贵)
5.      1 Red Packets (红包1封) For good fortune. To be given to the couples.
6.     5-Colour Beans (5色豆)

Red Bean (红豆), Green Beans (绿豆), Soy Beans (黄豆), Black Beans (乌豆), Black Eye Beans (白眉豆)

To bless the couple to have bountiful harvest.
7.      Bed-Setting Set (安床必备品)
Tray (托盘)with Red Packet, Red Dates, Peanuts, Longans, Lotus Seeds, Rock Sugar, Winter Melon Strips, Mini Money Bucket Pail (子孙桶).
Red Dates symbolise good fortune (鸿运当头).

Walnut or Peanut symbolise harmony between family (和和气气).

Dried Longan symbolise blessings for a dragon boy (早生贵子).

Lotus Seeds symbolise having many children (连连生子).

Rock Sugar symbolise sweet and loving(甜甜蜜蜜).

Winter Melon symbolise living together till old age(白頭到老).

Mini bucket pail symbolise (子孙满堂, 大富大貴).





8.     Charcoal (黑金)Symbolise a good life after marriage for the bride.


  1. On the auspicious date and time, the Groom’s parents or “good fortune” lady will help to make the bed. She will put on the new sets of linens, pillowcase and bed. The bed will also be shifted to the correct direction.
  2. After making the bed, the good fortune woman will :
  • Place 4 packs of coins at each corner of the bed.
  • Young kids whose horoscope does not clash with the groom and bride are encouraged to jump or roll on the bridal bed to symbolize and bless the couple with fertility. ( Nowadays, this process (known as 压床 or 翻床) is often done on actual wedding day)
  • Place the Bed-Setting Set, 2 oranges and 1 Red Packets (fill with $8 or $18) on the center of the bed.
  • She will recite the following phrases:

    百年好合 (Forever a Blissful Marriage)

    早生贵子 (Bless with many offspring early)

    白头偕老 (Growing old together)

    永浴爱河 (Eternal Love)

For the bride please do not rest on the bed before the customary wedding as it will lead to poor health.

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